Michael Coldsmith-Brigs III

Deputy Director of the Committee

Nationality: United States
Race: Caucasian
DOB: 1966-November-15
Age: 48
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Chestnut
Height: 6’1"
Weight: 210 lbs.

Michael Coldsmith-Brigs III is from a wealthy east coast family that has a long and distinguished history of military and diplomatic service. He attended the finest schools, served with distinction in the military and the CIA. He was injured during a field operation in Iraq that cost him an eye and left him with a noticeable limp, but these have not stopped him from ascending within the CIA, and he is currently the Deputy Director of the Firm answering only to Zeus.


Michael excelled in academics from any early age. With the advantages of his family’s wealth he attended the finest boarding schools that led to easy entry into the ivy league. While attending Harvard he joined ROTC and ultimately accepted a commission in the United States Army.

  • 1983 Harvard University BS in Governance and International Affairs
  • 1988 Georgetown University MS in Foreign Service

United States Army

Was commissioned in United States Army after graduating from Harvard with a degree in Governance and International Affairs. His original training was in Intelligence, an area he showed great aptitude.

He was attached to the 75th Ranger Battalion and completed Ranger School after being promoted to 1st Lieutenant. After being promoted to Captain he was selected for Delta Force. During his time in Delta Force he worked with members of the CIA’s Special Operations Group. After two years with Delta he transferred to the SOG and began his career with the CIA.


  • Military Intelligence Training- Fort Huachuca, Arizona
  • Ranger School- Fort Benning, Georgia
  • Ranger Orientation Program- Fort Benning, Georgia
  • 1st SFOD Selection- Fort Brag, North Carolina

Central Intelligence Agency

Michael came to the attention of the CIA Special Operations Group during several joint missions with Delta force. Impressed with his skill, level headedness and adaptability, they recruited him into the CIA. He rose quickly through the ranks in the SOG and was a top field operative until he was injured during a mission in Iraq.

After recovering from his injuries, he transferred into the clandestine service as a case officer. He was assigned to The Firm, an Agency within the CIA that runs off book projects that develop new technologies, run separate missions, and take care of operations the agency cannot perform. He lead several projects and is now the Deputy Director and next in line to succeed Zeus.

Michael Coldsmith-Brigs III

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