Character Foci

Focus is what makes your character unique. No two PCs in a group should have the same focus. It’s the verb of the sentence “I am an adjective noun who verbs.” See page 90 for further details.

The following is a list of available Foci. A player can create their own Focus with GM approval.

Calculates the IncalculableIs Idolized by MillionsOperates Undercover
Conducts Weird ScienceIs Licensed to CarrySolves Mysteries
Crafts Unique ObjectsLeadsThrows With Deadly Accuracy
Doesn’t Do MuchLives in the WildernessWields Two Weapons at Once
EntertainsLooks for TroubleWorks the Back Alleys
Explores Dark PlacesMasters WeaponryWorks the System
Fights DirtyMoves Like a CatWould Rather Be Reading
Hunts With Great SkillMurders
InfiltratesNeeds No Weapon
Interprets the LawNever Says Die


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