Character Types

Character type is the core of your character. Your type helps determine your character’s place in the world and relationship with other people in the setting. It’s the noun of the sentence “I am an adjective noun who verbs.”

The following list of Character Types are available for the campaign.

Warrior You’re a good ally to have in a fight. See page 22.
Explorer You are a person of action and physical ability, fearlessly facing the unknown. See page 38.
Speaker You’re good with words and good with people. See page 44.


Flavors are groups of special abilities that can be used to alter a character type to make it more to their liking or more appropriate to the genre or setting. The following flavors are available to choose from, but consult with the GM before choosing them. See page 50 for further details.

Stealth Flavor Characters with the stealth flavor are good at sneaking around, infiltrating places they don’t belong, and deceiving others. See page 51.
Combat Flavor Combat flavor makes a character more martial. See page 59.
Skills and Knowledge Flavor This flavor is for characters in roles that call for more knowledge and more real-world application of talent. See page 61.


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