Clandestine operations require resources to be successful. Those resources come in many forms, but the most common is money. Modern financial systems are complex and monitored by any number of organizations including government agencies. For organizations and individuals looking to operate in the shadows acquiring these resources can be a challenge.


Field agents need money to operate and often they need the money to not be traceable or they risk having their operation compromised. Traveling with large amounts of cash causes security attention, risks attracting attention and can limit the modes of transit that agents can use. Acquiring resources from trusted third parties creates new points that the operation can be penetrated. Using other forms of currency such as credit cards create electronic trails that can be followed and in the event of blown operations become another path to tracking the agents down.

Agents need to think about the requirements for a given mission and how they will address their capital requirements. Like every aspect of the operation having a plan in place with contingencies increasing the likelihood of success. When thinking about their requirements agents should consider the following:

  • How clean does the money need to be?
  • What kind of equipment is required? What will need to be acquired?
  • What is the level of Op-Sec and how does it impact the ability to acquire resources?
  • How deniable is the operation?

These and other factors will inform the agents what limitations they may face and the types of resources they can rely on to acquire money and equipment during a mission.


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